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4th of July Safety for Your Pets
Many Americans celebrate our nation’s Independence Day barbequing and relaxing with loved ones. When the...
A Brief Guide to Keeping Your Rabbits and Guinea Pigs Happy
We’ve all seen rabbits or guinea pigs kept alone in a cage before, and many of us think it’s completely...
How to Care for Your Guinea Pig
Talkative, social, and rather cute, guinea pigs are great as a child's first pet or as a lifelong hobby. They...
Transporting Your Pets Safely
The holiday season has ended, meaning most families are returning from their travels. For some people, pets...
Teach Your Bird to be on its Best Behaviour
Birds can make great pets, but with so many species kept as companions, it’s a good idea to research your...
Is my hamster hibernating or dead?
Concerned for the health of your pet hamster? Use our easy guide to establish whether she’s just in sleep...

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