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Equine Disease

Contagious disease is one of the greatest threats to horse health - and we are working to help people, governments and sport regulators to help prevent its spread.

It has never been so important to minimise the risk of serious and infectious diseases from entering or spreading across borders. An outbreak of disease could be catastrophic for the equestrian industry as well as threatening the welfare of horses in general.

Government and Regulators

We have been leading a coalition of organisations to advise the UK government, prepare for an equine disease outbreak, and provide equine facilities with the guidance they need to help ensure disease-free premises. We are also pressing for greater traceability of horses in the UK to help manage an outbreak should it occur.

As demonstrated by the recent outbreaks of Equine Infectious Anaemia, one of the main routes of infectious disease into the UK is through the free movement of lower value horses and ponies into and out of Britain from the continent. We are therefore pressing governments to restrict the Tripartite Agreement, which allows this movement between Ireland, Britain and France, so that only Registered horses (for competition) and Thoroughbreds (for racing) are allowed such movement.

We also advise sport regulators on their disease control protocols.

Horse owners and keepers

Some worrying findings from our 2008/9 Livery Yard Survey suggest that many people are not aware of the risks or what preventative action should be taken:

  • 61% said that stables were not cleaned out between occupants
  • 48% said there were no isolation facilities
  • 38% said there were no procedures to exclude horses with disease

To help horse owners protect their horses against the ever-present and increasing threat from a number of infectious diseases, we produce a free disease prevention information pack. 'Keep Your Horse Healthy' aims to highlight the need for every horse owner to be aware of diseases such as EIA, strangles and flu, and offers simple steps to help protect against their entry and spread. The pack has been created to give horse owners and keepers practical advice as to how they can minimise the incursion and spread of disease. Simple, everyday actions such as good hygiene, avoiding mixing with unfamiliar horses, and maintaining good routine health care are essential in the fight against disease.

You can do your part too. Find out more and request your copy of Keep Your Horse Healthy...

You can also download and print this 'Checklist for Equine Health', which we developed along with equine veterinary specialists, other welfare charities, and Defra.

The 'Checklist for Equine Health' sets out the practical essentials of good horse care including nutrition, safety, vaccination, parasite control, disease prevention, and transport.
Download a copy for your yard today.

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