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Weekly Round Up: Weird and Wonderful from the Web

16 May 2014

ANALYSIS - Is there anything cuter than a small, furry animal left utterly confused by the simplest technology?

We're often used to seeing cats vs printers, torches and even vacuum cleaners.

So how about cat vs speakers?

This grey kitty is so mesmerised by the air passing through these speakers, that it almost appears to be dancing - adorable!

Now, wet dog, anyone?

“Wet Dog” is a series of portraits of dogs photographed during their least favorite activity: bath time.

Photographed by Sophie Gamand, the soggy doggies wiggle, shake and haul themselves out of the groomer’s soapy grasp.

The series celebrates dogs for what they really are: more than just animals.

wet dog, sophie gamand
One is not amused!
wet dog, sophie gamand
After millennia of close collaboration with humans, dogs have acquired a unique status in our society.
Have they also taken some of our expressions?
wet dog, sophie gamand
Say cheese! ....No?

The “Wet Dog” series has won the Portraiture category of the Sony World Photography Awards 2014.

View Sophie's full collection here.

Happy Friday!

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Gemma Hyland, Editor

Gemma Hyland, Editor

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