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PDSA Makes Surprise Discovery Operating on Dog

14 July 2014

UK - Jack Russell Charlie, 10, had gone off his food and was being sick, so his worried owners took him along to Leicester PDSA pet hospital to get to the bottom of the problem.

Charlie, who has always had a taste for trouble by eating things he shouldn’t, was examined by PDSA vets.

Charlie was immediately admitted to the pet hospital and given IV fluids, medicines and painkillers.

An x-ray showed a pebble was lodged in his small intestine.

Emergency surgery was carried out straight away to remove the pebble, but PDSA vets were stunned to discover a peach stone and a plastic cat toy mouse inside him too. If left for just a few days longer, it would have been fatal.

PDSA vet nurse Harriet Goulden, said: “We often see dogs that have eaten odd things, such as socks and children’s toys, but this case was quite rare in that a large collection of objects had built up inside Charlie.”

Harriet advises owners to speak to their vet for advice as soon as they can if they suspect their pets have eaten something they shouldn’t.

Charlie’s owner, Paul Moore, said: “Charlie had not been himself for a few days. It did cross our minds he might have got his paws on something as he always tries to eat things that take his fancy. But we have no idea where he got these things from – we think he must have sniffed them out while on a walk.

“We’re really grateful to PDSA for saving Charlie’s life – he’s a big part of our family and we’d be lost without him. We’ll definitely be keeping an even closer eye on him now.”

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