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Charity Launches Special Task Force to Save ‘At Risk’ Cats

31 July 2014

UK - Yorkshire Cat Rescue has launched a dedicated emergency team to respond to urgent requests for help as the number of unwanted cats and kittens reaches boiling point.

Orphan kittens and feral cats that are either pregnant or nursing very young kittens outside are amongst those given the highest priority, alongside healthy cats that are at genuine risk of being put to sleep because their owners are either unwilling or unable to care for them.

Sara Atkinson, founder of Yorkshire Cat Rescue explains the situation: “Our waiting list is now glowing red with the number of emergency cats that are in real and immediate danger of being put to sleep.

"From a cat belonging to a terminally ill, elderly lady to a pack of seven indoor cats left outside to fend for themselves when their owner went away for three months – these are just a fraction of the cases we are desperate to make room for. Every day we receive calls from people threatening to ‘get rid’ of their cats and kittens if we do not take them in and, for our staff and volunteers, the pressure is heartbreaking. With around 600 cats already on our waiting list for a space at the centre, the situation is dire.

“We have launched a dedicated team of people tasked solely with assessing urgent requests for help and coordinating the rescue of cats and kittens that may otherwise lose their lives. With no more room at the centre, we are calling on every single foster home to step in and make room for them.”

Before threatening with the worst possible ultimatum, the end to life, Sara is urging people to consider all the options available.

“We are currently operating at 110 per cent capacity but demand for our help just keeps growing. We try our hardest to help those in need but I am urging people to consider if there are any other alternatives when seeking to find a new home for their cat, such as with a friend or neighbour. We are sometimes even able to help people keep their cats by offering health and behavioural advice.”

Sara continued: “People can help us in a number of ways such as by volunteering, fostering and donating; best of all however is by adopting a cat or by recommending us to friends and family members. In doing so you are making room for the next emergency on the list – allowing us to help those in the greatest need.

“Our website features only a fraction of the circa 200 cats currently in our care – many of which are either very young kittens or cats undergoing medical or behavioural treatment before they are ready for a new home. So if you don’t immediately see a cat or kitten that grabs your heart, please do still get in touch or pay us a visit so we can help you find the perfect match.”

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