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Breakthrough Cat Vaccine Could Cure Your Allergies

02 September 2014

UK - A breakthrough vaccine to combat cat allergies has been given the green light for commercialisation, manufacture and distribution.

The injection essentially 'neutralises' the cat itself, attacking a protein carried in cats’ saliva, urine and sweat.

More than 725 million people, roughly a tenth of the global population, are thought to be allergic to cats, however options for combating the symptoms - such as antihistamines - are limited.

HypoCat® neutralises the Fel d 1 protein created in cats, which is the primary cause of human allergic reaction to cats.

Fel d 1, which is present in saliva, urine and sweat, is spread all over the cat’s fur when it licks itself clean.

Benchmark Holdings PLC has entered into an agreement with HypoPet AG, a Swiss research company based at the University of Zurich to bring the vaccine to market.

The vaccine is the first of its kind and the research of the HypoPet team and proof-of-concept studies have demonstrated its potential to be a unique and effective solution to human cat allergies.

Benchmark expects the vaccine to be commercialised within 3-4 years.

Malcolm Pye, CEO of Benchmark, said: "We have always looked for synergistic opportunities that require the support of our skill sets, science and technology base, and our production capacity.

"The combination of HypoPet's highly innovative technology with our world-leading manufacturing and distribution experience in the animal health market, make this agreement a ground-breaking next step within the animal medicines and vaccines space."

Dr Gabriela Senti, CEO of HypoPet, said: "We are delighted to have found Benchmark. They are a highly motivated, skilled and internationally operative partner who will support us in bringing our awarded technology to the global animal health market.

"The inspiring and supportive environment of the Benchmark team nurtures our dedication to make HypoCat® a success."

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