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How Safe is Your Dog's Car Harness?

16 September 2014

UK - The Highway Code states that dogs and other animals must be appropriately restrained so they cannot injure themselves or people if the car stops suddenly, but a US inventor states many car harnesses sold in the UK, have had little or no crash or safety testing.

According to research by RAC more than a quarter of dog owners do not restrain their pets in moving vehicles.

An RAC spokesperson said unsecured pets in moving vehicles present “a real danger”, both to the pet, the driver and passengers if the car stops suddenly or in the event of an accident.

In fact, four per cent of those who took part in the survey reported they had had an accident or a near miss due to cats or dogs being loose in the car. A significant 80 per cent of owners travel with their dog.

Of these, 21 per cent said they leave them loose on car seats and six per cent let them travel in passenger footwells. 

Pats Harrogate highlights dangers

Carl Goldbergis, inventor of the Roadie Canine Vehicle Restraint system says: “One day, in 1989 whilst driving down a dirt road I had to slam on the brakes having seen a car coming up the road on the wrong side.

"I was doing no more than 5 mph. My 125lb Labrador, Max launched out of the back seat and went through the windscreen and landed on the hood of the car. I drove him to my vet. Dr. Joe Evans at the Nederland County Animal Hospital.

"Thankfully Max sustained no serious injuries. If my daughter had been in the car Max could have caused her serious injury as he flew over the seat. In an effort to prevent this from happening again, and with the help of "Doc Joe" I designed the Roadie Canine Vehicle Restraint system.

"Having no criteria other than human seat belt standards, we designed the Roadie to meet and exceed human seat belt standards for tensile strength. We crash tested it at Allianz Ins Co. in Issmanning Germany and the rest is history. Saving kids and dogs became my passion.”

These harnesses have since been tested multiple times in Europe and the USA passing with flying colours and Carl is thrilled that the Roadie Ruff Rider will be shown at PATS in Harrogate and will be available to retailers and dog owners in the UK.

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Gemma Hyland, Editor

Gemma Hyland, Editor

Top image via Shutterstock

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