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A Fifth of Pet Owners Refuse Holidays Because of Guilt

14 January 2015

UK - Research conducted by a UK holiday company has revealed that one in five pet owners refuse to take a holiday because they are too worried about leaving behind a beloved family pet.

Of these individuals, the majority say that they would not trust others, including their own family members, to care for their animals for the duration of their holiday.

New research has been conducted by a holiday company which specialises in 4- and 5-star dog-friendly cottages, apartments and lodges in the UK to reveal that a fifth of pet-owners refuse to go on holiday as they fear being without their animals for a prolonged period of time.

The team at polled a total of 2,316 UK adults aged 18 and over for the purposes of the research.

Each participant currently has at least one pet living with them in their home that they have owned for a minimum of twelve months.

In order to generate as accurate results as possible, there was an equal gender divide between respondents.

Pet-owners were initially asked to reveal if they’d ever refrained from booking a holiday due to the fact their pet would be left behind, with just under one fifth (19 per cent) admitting that they would.

The majority of these individuals (63 per cent) admitted that the pet they’d be wary of leaving behind would be a dog, with cats (15 per cent), horses (eight per cent) and reptiles (six per cent) following in popularity.

When asked to disclose the various reasons as to why they feared leaving pets behind to take a holiday, the main reasons were revealed as follows:

1. I don’t trust others (inc family members, friends, neighbours) to give my animal the correct food/exercise/attention etc- (69 per cent)
2. I would miss my animal too much to enjoy a holiday- (34 per cent)
3. I have had bad experiences leaving animals with others before to go on holiday- (17 per cent)
4. I can’t afford to pay someone else to look after my animal- (nine per cent)
5. My animal is too unpredictable for anyone else to be responsible for- (six per cent)

When questioned on whether they would be more likely to take a holiday in the UK if they were able to bring their pets with them and stay in animal-friendly accommodation, the majority of relevant respondents (82 per cent) agreed that they would.

Tori Kirwan-Taylor, Brand & Communications Manager of made the following comments regarding the findings of the study: “As a nation of devoted animal lovers that think of their dogs, cats and other pets as family members, it is hardly surprising that such a large percentage of people polled in our survey are wary of taking a holiday without their pet.”

She continued: “We are all too aware of how much more enjoyable a family holiday can be if a beloved pet can be taken along for the trip. This is why we specialise in offering a wide range of holiday cottages, apartments and lodges where all the family is welcomed and catered for, including those with four paws!”

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