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More Bengal, Persian and Siamese Breeds Being Dumped at Battersea

11 March 2015
Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

UK - Battersea has seen a 56 per cent increase in the UK’s most popular cat breeds being dumped at its door.

The charity has cared for eight times the number of Siamese cats this year than at the same time in 2014, and has taken in three times the number of Persians and double the number of British Short Hair cats at its London centre.

Owners giving up their pet accounts for 47 per cent of the cats given to Battersea, suggesting that people choose a cat based on its looks, rather than considering the traits that go with the breed.

Bengals may look striking but they have a reputation for being boisterous, territorial and vocal, and Battersea has seen a 60 per cent increase in Bengals coming into its care.

Boogedy the Bengal found herself at Battersea after her owners moved and left her abandoned and locked in their flat.

The landlord found Boogedy and brought her to the centre, where she had immediate medical treatment before she could be find a loving home. Boogedy is now searching for owners that understand what comes with rehoming a Bengal breed.

Head of Cattery, Lindsey Quinlan, says: “Too often Battersea picks up the pieces when unwanted cats are brought to us – and Boodgedy is just one example of this. Breed cats shouldn’t be chosen on looks alone, as they have specific needs that many new owners won’t realise.

“It’s really unusual for us to see so many different breeds like this at Battersea because breed cats, as opposed to mixed breed moggies, are very desirable for people. So far this year we’ve even seen a Rag Doll, Maine Coon, Exotic Short Hair and Scottish Fold – just to name a few.”

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