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Pets in the Workplace Reduce Sick Days

11 March 2015

ANALYSIS - According to more than 70 per cent of healthcare professionals, having pets in the workplace could lead to fewer sick days, writes Gemma Hyland.

88 per cent of healthcare professionals believe that motivation and productivity would be increased by taking regular breaks to walk a dog.

A Blue Cross survey of 1,000 UK employees revealed two thirds spend their lunch break chained to their desk – a stroll with a pet could be the key to increase a workforce’s output.

bring pet to work day, spaniel, dog
Six-year-old Jarvis at ThePetSite HQ

ThePetSite is one business who embraces these new findings, as we regularly welcome employees pets into the office.

The facts...

  • 70% of healthcare professionals think that having a well-behaved dog in the workplace could lead to employees taking less days off sick. (69.72%/350)
  • 88% of healthcare professionals agree that taking regular breaks from the desk/pc to walk a dog would help increase a worker’s motivation and productivity. (88.05%/442)
  • Over 60%/two thirds of employees spend their lunch break at their desk (61.3%/613 usually spend their lunch break eating lunch at their desk or usual work space)
  • 46 pets were given up in 2013 because their owners were out all day, in 2014 the figure was 90 given up for this reason.

Claire Stallard, Blue Cross Animal Behaviourist said: “We will all need to leave our pets at home alone sometimes, but many don’t like being left for long hours and can become really distressed.

"We ask all potential pet owners to consider what will happen to their pet during the day if they work long hours before it is too late and they find their only option is to give their pet up.

"Pets are good for our health, we owe it to them to be good for theirs! ”

Tullah, an 11-year-old Welsh terrier, accompanies owner Gerri Gallagher to her office at Tatler magazine. Gerri said: “Tullah is my ‘editorial consultant’. She has been coming to work with me for the last ten years and we get the bus in together every day.

"She is a real character and brings a sigh of relief and humour to us when things get a little stressy.”

Gemma Hyland, Editor

Gemma Hyland, Editor

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