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More Cat Neutering Vouchers Available from Blue Cross

13 March 2015

UK - Blue Cross has released more vouchers for cat owners to get their pets neutered at a discount.

Having your female cat spayed protects them from getting pregnant, preventing unwanted litters and complications with pregnancy.

It can also protect them from developing potentially deadly diseases of the ovaries and uterus.

Male cats that haven’t been neutered are also more likely to roam and fight, putting them at risk of injury, infected wounds and contracting diseases, including FIV - the feline equivalent of HIV.

Due to overwhelming demand, Blue Cross has released more cat neutering vouchers.

There is a limited number available and they will be given away on a first come, first served basis.

The vouchers are valid until 1 June 2015.

Email to get a voucher.

You must email before 11am on Friday 13 March 2015 to get a voucher.

Do I qualify?

The vouchers are available to everyone and you don’t have to meet the usual eligibility criteria to get them.

They are valid at any private vet surgery in the UK – but make sure you check with your vet first.

It is also worth checking the cost of the procedure with your vet first to make sure you are aware of the full cost.

The vouchers give £20 towards the cost of castrating a male cat, and £30 towards the cost of spaying a female cat.

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