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Have You Microchipped Your Pet Yet?

19 June 2015

UK - To mark National Microchipping Month (June), ThePetSite is reminding dog and cat owners to microchip their pets if they have not already done so.

Microchipping your pet is harmless, cheap and easy to do and will help towards reuniting you with your pet if they were to go missing.

The microchip is a small chip which is inserted under the skin at the back of your pets neck.  The microchip contains a unique code which links to a secure database containing the owner's contact details. 

By microchipping your pet you will also be helping towards preventing pet thefts, bringing to attention irresponsible or cruel owner and preventing irresponsible dog breeding, as it will allow the pet to be traced back to the breeder.

For dogs, microchipping will be compulsary by 6 April 2016.

All dogs over eight weeks of age will be required to have been microchipped and registered and owners will be responsible for keeping their keep their contact details updated on the microchip database.

Microchipping your cat is very easy and can often be done when taking your cat in for spaying/neutering.

However, a recent survey from Cats Protection and the Pet Food Manufacturers Association found that that nearly half of the UK’s owned cats are not microchipped.

The survey also found that Scottish cat owners are the least likely to microchip their cats (only 32 per cent) and the South East the most likely (at 69 per cent).

For more information or to get your pet microchipped, please contact your local veterinarian.

Read more on microchipping:

Lucy Towers

Lucy Towers
News Team - Editor

After graduating from The University of Sheffield, Lucy joined 5M in 2011 as part of the News Desk team. In 2012, she was promoted to editor of TheFishSite. With previous farming experience and a love for the great outdoors, Lucy has a passion for wildlife and the environment.

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