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New Innovative Dog Bowl Replenishes and Filters Water by Itself

30 November 2015

UK - Just like humans, animals need plenty of fresh, clean water every day to remain healthy. Now, thanks to an innovative new water bowl from Torus, you can always have fresh water available for your dog throughout the day.

Torus recently conducted a survey to gain a deeper understanding of pet drinking habits and how pet owners currently accommodate their animal’s needs. 

The study found that the Torus bowl will provide your pet with more than enough fresh and filtered water at regular intervals throughout the day without the owner needing to be present to refill. 

Convenient, non-spill and travel friendly, Torus bowl answers every pet parent’s requirements, satisfaction 100 per cent guaranteed (or your money back).

In terms of drinking habits, the result revealed that:

  •  59 per cent of pets were drinking more than a litre of water a day
  •  91 per cent of owners replenished their pet’s water more than once a day
  •  44 per cent owners replenished water twice a day
  •  72 per cent answered that water spills from the water bowl on a regular basis
  •  90 per cent of pet owners take water and a bowl with them when travelling.

The survey was sent to pet owners and pet retailers across the UK, Europe, USA and Canada.

The benefits of a Torus bowl include:

  •  Filters to provide fresh, clean water
  •  Auto-replenishes as your pet drinks
  •  No power or batteries needed
  •  Stores up to 2L of water
  •  Travel friendly
  •  Keeps water cool
  •  Non slip and non-spill design
  •  Multiple sizes and colours
  •  12 month warranty

For more information or to buy the product, please visit:

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