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Pets Are For Life Not Just Christmas - Think Before You Buy!

21 December 2015

UK - The Scottish SPCA is advising people not to buy pets as Christmas presents for fear of a surge in abandonment's.

As we prepare for our busiest time of year, the SPCA hopes many pets will be spared the heartbreak of being dumped like unwanted gifts after the festive period.

Chief Superintendent Mike Flynn said: “It's an upsetting reality that in the weeks and months after Christmas our centres are often asked to take in puppies, kittens and other pets who were given as presents.

“Even worse, some of these animals are dumped like rubbish once the novelty has worn off.

“Every year in the lead up to Christmas we stress that animals should never be bought on a whim or given as surprise presents but some people aren’t getting the message.

“In January this year we took in 235 dogs and over 250 cats and it’s possible some of these animals had been bought for Christmas. For that reason we are asking people to consider whether they have the time and financial resources to be able to properly care for an animal for life.”

In order to reduce the risks of people taking on pets to give away as presents, we will stop rehoming puppies, kittens and baby animals between 19 December and 3 January.

Chief Supt. Flynn added: “We have to ensure our rescue animals aren't being taken on by someone who just wants a new pet for Christmas.

“However, our animal rescue and rehoming centres will be open to the public throughout the festive period, including Christmas Day, and young animals can be reserved during this time.

“Our message is simple, a pet is a lifelong commitment and not a present which can be given at Christmas and then forgotten about soon afterwards.”

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