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New App Allows Vet Consultation from the Comfort of Your Home

18 December 2015

UK - Pet owners who want to speak to a vet from the comfort of their homes can now do so with the launch of the PawSquad App.

The App allows owners to receive expert advice via a FaceTime-like service from wherever they are. Almost like having a vet in your pocket, except a lot less bulky!

For the first time, owners and their pets will be able to benefit from the guidance and experience from a qualified veterinary surgeon in a matter of minutes - whether abroad, in the park, at home in their own sofa, or at work.

All that is required is a 3G connection, or above.

“You never know when you’re pet is going to start displaying a symptom or behaviour that worries you,” said PawSquad founder Francesco Cardoletti.

“Rather than taking time off work, or going to an expensive emergency vet, pet owners can now access professional advice in a couple of taps. From there, our vets can tell them if the issue can wait, needs urgent attention or isn’t an issue at all. In short, we deliver peace of mind.”

PawSquad launched earlier in the year and has had over 6000 pets register.

PawSquad’s Chief Veterinary Officer Andrew Francis said: “The response from pet owners has been fantastic. Getting proper advice conveniently rather then getting questionable Google advice or taking the morning off to trouble their vet has been their main comment.“

The veterinary team at PawSquad are available 6am to midnight everyday with plans to go 24/7.

They recently ran a series of pet health sessions on fireworks for new dog owners and will be doing similar sessions in the run up to Christmas.

Jena (human) and Cariad (dog) were full of praise for PawSquad video consulting a vet for
Cariad’s first firework’s night with family: “The vet was incredibly helpful, and the tips about making a den for Cariad really helped for the weekend. Also, finding out that if she doesn't come to me then just to leave her wherever she has found to hide. This helped me stay calm whist she was panicking! This is a brilliant service to provide for worried owners in random times of day/night!”

Pet owners also appreciate PawSquad’s lower prices. A 15-minute video consultation costs £15, whereas a 10-minute appointment at a ‘bricks and mortar’ vet practice will typically set a pet owner back between £35 - £40.

Moreover - the price difference jumps dramatically for out-of-hours calls. While PawSquad’s price remains set at £15 regardless of the time of day, national veterinary services charge just under £200 for an emergency consultation.

“It’s important to note that the lower price point doesn’t in any way mean lower quality,” said PawSquad Chief Advisor Andrew Ash.

“All our vets are fully qualified and highly experienced to ensure owners can access the highest possible quality of advice and service. We’ve just found an efficient, on demand method of delivering care that fits the lifestyle of a modern pet owner.“

You can talk to a vet here:

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