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Find Your Perfect Companion in a Senior Cat

15 February 2016

UK - It’s cold, dark and a tough time to be an older cat in rescue centres as kittens steal the limelight and snap up homes before they are able to show off their sweet personalities. Now, the Yorkshire Cat Rescue centre manager Sam Davies, has put together her top five reasons why you should consider adopting an adult or elderly cat.

Our pens are currently occupied by many older cats that have sadly and suddenly lost their owners, and female cats that have successfully raised a litter of kittens in our care but are still waiting for a home of their own. It will come as no surprise that older cats can be the hardest to re-home, even though they are all sweet and gentle.

In the past, we have cared for older cats for as long as eight months – far too long for them to be living at the centre, but especially so for those that so desperately need a peaceful home to call their own. This is often because they don’t make a fuss. They sit there quietly while visitors walk past them – attracted by a more boisterous and younger neighbour.

As tempting as it might be to adopt a kitten, an adult cat is sometimes an even better match for your family and lifestyle. So let me fly the flag for our golden oldies and tell you why they make such wonderful companions.

1) They have the best years left

Cats regularly live into their late teens and even into their twenties. A senior cat could easily have many more years of life, and plenty of love to give. If you’re worried about the cost of veterinary treatments, don’t be. We will do our best to bridge the gap and offer to contribute towards any age-related vet bills for cats over a certain age.

2) Older cats are easy companions

After a long day at work, you may long to come home and curl up with your pet on the sofa. Kittens expect an evening of fun and games with plenty of exercise, but an adult cat will greet you at the door ready for a quiet cuddle. They’ll complement a homely lifestyle and dive into watching your favourite TV shows in no time.

3) You know what you’re getting

We are matchmakers. That means we get to know all cats in our care and can tell you almost everything there is to know about their character and personality. With an older cat, you know exactly what you are going to get. How great is that!

4) They know etiquette

Adult cats usually always come with more refined household skills. They are typically less likely to leap up on your shelves and knock things over, claw your sofa or tear up your curtains. Adults know how to use the litter tray and many of them are perfectly happy lounging about while you are at work.

5) Older cats value a second chance

Last but not least; mature moggies know that you’re giving them a second chance. Their confidence might have been knocked a little, but then you come into their life and make it all better. I have seen cats be truly and genuinely grateful to have found a loving home again – they will repay your love a hundred times and more.

If you wish to adopt an older cat and find out more about their story, visit the Yorkshire Cat Rescue centre. You can have a look at the cats currently in their care here.

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