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Make your Pet a Millionaire!

23 February 2016

The days of Beyonce and 'Kimye' ruling social media are over; there's a new breed of celebrity in town – the four-legged kind.

2015-16 saw a huge explosion of pets becoming internet-famous and significantly out-earning their owners. One of the most well-known felines, ‘Grumpy Cat,’ reportedly earned its owner a cool £64 million in 2014.

The popularity of social media has facilitated this trend, with pets becoming internet sensations literally overnight from just a couple of well-planned pics. A cat known as ‘Angry Pearl’ amassed almost 12,000 followers on Instagram in only one short week!

A good sob story also helps to propel pets into stardom. American cat, Lil Bub was the runt of her litter and born with several genetic mutations, however, she has gone on to become a superstar, making appearances on US TV shows such as Good Morning America.

See how your pet could be a superstar with this handy 10 step guide.

10 Steps to a Celebrity Pet

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