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Five of the Best Homemade Dog Treats

14 April 2016

UK - We all love a treat, but it’s safe to say that homemade ones are the best. The love and hard work that go into them just makes them that bit tastier, and our dogs seem to agree!

You probably won’t have time to make them every week, but homemade dog snacks are great for special occasions. They’re also perfect for fussy dogs, pups on a diet and pooches with allergies, as you know exactly what’s gone into them.

Luckily, dog treats are easy to do yourself. Here are five of the best recipes.

Izzy’s apple cheddar dog biscuits

Named after the author’s chocolate Labrador retriever, this recipe is an incredibly easy bake, as all the ingredients are thrown into the same bowl. You will need a small cookie cutter of some kind though; a bone or paw-shaped one would be perfect!

The recipe says it will make about 16 biscuits, but luckily they will keep for up to two weeks as long as you put them in an air-tight container. However, we suspect your dog will make pretty quick work of them!

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Peanut butter pupcakes

These ‘pupcakes’ are ideal for dogs of all ages that have a birthday coming up soon. Dogs love the taste and texture of peanut butter – they’ll happily spend hours licking up every last bit they can find. Conveniently, natural peanut butter is extremely good for pooches as it contains high levels of protein and healthy fats.

This particular recipe is easy to make and adjusting the ingredients is simple should your dog be allergic to any of the items required. Now, how do you sing happy birthday in dog?

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Baked sweet potato fries

This may come as a surprise but dogs adore sweet potato just as much as humans do! It just so happens that this recipe for baked fries can be enjoyed by both pooches and their owners. Plus, it’s incredibly easy too. All you need is one sweet potato, 1tsp of coconut oil and a touch of turmeric and cinnamon.

If you’d prefer to use other spices, you can do so, but be wary that not all spices are suitable for dogs. Fortunately the author has kindly listed which spices are safe for dogs to consume just below the recipe.

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Banana-almond puppy treats

While these treats are designed for puppies, they can be enjoyed by adult pooches too. In fact, they smell so good, you’ll be tempted to give them a go yourself! When cooked they are chewy and soft – a texture that puppies love. Why not use them as training rewards?

Just four ingredients are needed to make these treats and they will only take up around 15-20 minutes of your time. You’ll probably find you go through these very quickly indeed, but they can stay fresh for up to a week.

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Fruity frosty hearts

When the weather gets warm we all love to cool down with the help of an ice cream or lolly. While dogs can’t eat these human-only treats due to the high levels of sugars, this recipe yields a healthier alternative they can enjoy.

All you need to make them is a couple of different fruits (the author used watermelon pulp and fresh raspberries), some natural yoghurt and a silicone ice cube tray. Any shape will do, but the hearts really do look sweet.

It’s worth noting that not all fruits are suitable for dogs – some can actually be very dangerous. Avoid feeding your pooch grapes, raisins, peaches and currants in particular. Even with fruits that are safe, you must remove the skin and any seeds.

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Remember of the above treats should be eaten in moderation – it is possible to have too much of a good thing! Try to use them for training or to reward good behaviour. Your dogs are sure to do anything to get their paws on these

Laura Varley

Laura Varley 

Laura Varley is a brand journalist who works on behalf of Muddy Paws When she’s not writing, she enjoys spending time with Ollie – her Cocker Spaniel.


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