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Top Tips For A Pet-Perfect Summer

04 July 2016

UK - The evenings are lighter, the temperature is rising and Summer is on the way. It's is a fantastic time for family pets and following these simple tips will help you keep your pet safe and happy.

Pets get Sunburnt Too 

Like us, pets are at risk from sunburn and repeated exposure to strong sunlight can cause skin cancer. So, ensure that your pet has access at all times to a cool, dark place to hide away from sun.

For those of you with a sun worshipping pet then break out the sun cream and cover up your pet’s white bits, particularly the tips of the ears and any pink noses or white tummies. While a good fur coat provides some protection, cats and dogs with white fur and pink skin are most at risk.


A good barbecue is one of the greatest pleasures during the Summer months. Remember though that all that juicy barbecued meat is equally as enticing for your pets as it is for us. The last thing you need after a great barbecue is a trip to the vets  to surgically retrieve a kebab stick from your dog’s stomach.

Travel/Hot Cars

Dogs and cats have very similar temperature tolerances to humans. So, if you are uncomfortably hot in your car this summer so is your pet. Never, ever leave a pet in a hot car, even for just a few minutes. The temperature inside can rise rapidly, and heat stroke is a life-threatening condition. It is never worth the risk.


When the weather is particularly hot it is best to walk dogs in the early morning or late evening when it is cooler. While a short walk in the middle of the day is unlikely to cause any problems, a strenuous run or a manic play session in the heat of the day can be dangerous and should be avoided.

Ticks/Flea Bites

With the lovely weather comes an army of biting flies, midges, fleas and ticks looking for a snack.

While the bites themselves are usually harmless and merely annoying  for your pet keep a look out for persistent scratching. Hot weather can worsen any itchiness resulting from an insect bite and persistent scratching can result in skin infections that require treatment.

Summer is a fantastic time for family pets and following these simple tips will help you keep your pet safe and happy. We are here with help and advice whenever you need us to make sure this summer is pet-perfect.

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