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01 August 2016
Britain's Pets Costing us Billions
UK - Animal lovers should pause for thought as £258.4 billion is spent in the UK by dog and cat owners alone....
11 July 2016
RSPCA Releases Terrapin Advice Sheet After Help Calls Soar
UK - The RSPCA has launched terrapin advice sheets to help new owners care for their half-shelled house guests after a 45 per cent increase in number of calls....
08 July 2016
Researchers Examine How Video Games Can Improve Bird Health
US - Playing video games has been a favorite pastime of young and old alike, and now the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVM) is investigating the benefits of...
30 June 2016
The Heat is on for Pet Rabbits this Summer
UK - As temperatures rise, leading veterinary organisations the British Veterinary Association (BVA), British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) and British Veterinary Zoological Society...
23 June 2016
New Strain of Rabbit Virus Spreading Across South Australia
AUSTRALIA - Biosecurity South Australia has confirmed a new strain of calcivirus is sweeping through rabbit colonies in parts of regional South Australia....
09 June 2016
Think it's a Simple Yes or No When it Comes to UVB Lighting and Your Reptile? Think Again
UK - UVB lighting for reptiles has advanced at an unprecedented rate over recent years and consequently much of the conventional best practice advice on the subject, frequently relayed to those...
26 May 2016
Practice Supports Initiative to Buy Pet Oxygen Masks for Fire Rescue
UK - A veterinary practice in Telford is supporting a campaign led by a firefighter at Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) to provide oxygen masks for pets on all of the county’s fire...
13 May 2016
Many Non-Domesticated Animals Should Not be Sold as Pets
US - Many people are fascinated with non-domestic animals—whether exotic or native species—and think these animals would make great pets. However, non-domestic animals, including certain...
22 March 2016
Make Sure Rabbits are Happy Bunnies this Easter
UK - As the Easter Bunny hops onto the horizon, findings from the British Veterinary Association (BVA) reveal that at least one in five vets have serious concerns about the health and welfare...
24 February 2016
Stopping Pets Becoming Pests
NEW ZEALAND - The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is working with pet industry stakeholders and biosecurity agencies to improve the management of the domestic trade in pets that have the...
02 February 2016
When Beaks Go Bad - Caring for Your Bird's Beak
US - There’s no such thing as a dentist for birds, but did you know that some macaws require orthodontia to correct a misalignment of their beaks? That’s just one of a host of problems that...
29 January 2016
Pet Reptile Death Study Criticised by Leading Experts
UK - Controversial research into pet reptile death rates in the home has been criticised as misleading by some of the world’s top experts in reptile science. The study estimated that 3.6 per...
18 December 2015
New App Allows Vet Consultation from the Comfort of Your Home
UK - Pet owners who want to speak to a vet from the comfort of their homes can now do so with the launch of the PawSquad App....
15 December 2015
Help Your Veterinary Practice Better Communicate with Pet Owners
UK - Veterinary staff keen to learn more about communicating with today's pet owners are invited to a special workshop at Wood Green Animal Shelter near Cambridge on Wednesday 24 February 2016....
10 December 2015
Lucky Animals Rescued by RSPCA During Storm Desmond Flooding
UK - Flood rescue teams from the RSPCA have been out saving the lives of cats, dogs, rabbits and chickens across the north of England after severe flooding has forced owners to evacuate their...
24 November 2015
Buying Pets Without Proper Thought is Adding to Pet Welfare Crisis
UK - Millions of pets are being taken on with little or no research into what they need to live healthy and happy lives. And this lack of knowledge can result in stressed, lonely, obese and aggressive...
23 November 2015
Pet Owners Spending £78 million More on Energy Bills
UK - Worried pet owners spend £78 million extra a year on gas and electricity when they turn on the heating and TVs or radios because of concerns their cats and dogs will feel cold, stressed...
Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Breaks Out in Benin
BENIN - Four new outbreaks of rabbit haemorrhagic disease have been reported on rabbit farms in the south and centre of the country....
19 November 2015
Antibiotics Vital to Veterinary Profession
UK - To mark European Antibiotics Awareness Day yesterday (18 November) the British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) urged the veterinary profession and pet owners to work together...
18 November 2015
HealthforAnimals Promote the Responsible Use of Antibiotics
GLOBAL - The global animal medicines association, HealthforAnimals, has joined the call for global action against the growing resistance to antibiotics and other antimicrobial medicines, this...
16 November 2015
World Antibiotic Awareness Week Alerts Animal Owners to Risks
GLOBAL - The first World Antibiotic Awareness Week has been launched to raise awareness of best practice for using antibiotics, to reduce the risks of bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics...
13 November 2015
Dos and Don'ts of Birdbaths and Feeders this Winter
US - Bird feeders and the simple yet effective concrete birdbath are great ways to attract nature’s own reality show to your windows. In order to make sure your bird oases promote wildlife...
11 November 2015
'Save Fido' to Win £5,000 of Modular CPD at the London Vet Show 2015
UK - Visitors to Improve International's stand at the London Vet Show will be invited to 'Save Fido' by playing the life size operation game on the company's stand (M48). Those who manage to...
06 November 2015
Are Your Pet Reptiles Causing Allergies?
AUSTRIA - Reptiles are often chosen as pets when an allergy risk exists within a family and the choice is made to avoid potentially allergenic pets such as dogs, cats or guinea pigs. However,...
04 November 2015
Be Considerate - Fireworks Cause Misery for Animals
UK - The Scottish SPCA is issuing its annual warning that fireworks can have a serious impact on the welfare of animals. ...
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