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01 August 2016
Britain's Pets Costing us Billions
UK - Animal lovers should pause for thought as £258.4 billion is spent in the UK by dog and cat owners alone....
28 July 2016
Aggie's Top Tips on How to Tackle Fleas in Your Home
UK - With temperatures increasing, flea infestations are common and many pet owners are unaware only 5 per cent of fleas live on their pet, with the remaining 95 per cent living in the home....
22 July 2016
Advice on Owning Miniature Horses
US - While some refer to horses as livestock, others consider horses to be a companion animal, especially if they are kept for recreational purposes. ...
20 July 2016
Vet School Research Paves the Way for Improved Horse Welfare
UK - A vision for improving horse welfare has been set out following research carried out by the University of Bristol's School of Veterinary Sciences and funded by World Horse Welfare....
15 July 2016
Advice on Choosing Boarding for your Pets
US - Many people associate the summer months with traveling and fun in the sun. While some people consider their pet a travel companion, other pets may be better left at home. How can you decide...
06 July 2016
Palintest Helping London Zoo Keep its Aquatic Inhabitants Safe
UK - ZSL London Zoo has one of the largest collections of aquatic life in the UK, including some of the rarest species of fish and amphibians. This diversity creates unique water quality demands...
05 July 2016
Survey Shows 70% Dog Owners Avoid Going on Holiday
UK - It might be the holiday season, but almost 70 per cent of dog owners (68.5%) have avoided going on holiday because they can’t find someone to look after their dog, according to a survey...
28 June 2016
Protecting Yourself From Koi Carp Theft
UK - Koi are one of the most expensive species of fish that you can choose to keep in your pond. The most influential koi pricing factor is the grade of each fish. Koi are assessed and separated...
09 June 2016
Think it's a Simple Yes or No When it Comes to UVB Lighting and Your Reptile? Think Again
UK - UVB lighting for reptiles has advanced at an unprecedented rate over recent years and consequently much of the conventional best practice advice on the subject, frequently relayed to those...
16 May 2016
Many Rabbit Owners Do Not Know How to Care for Their Pets, say Experts
UK - Rabbits need custard creams for a shiny coat, guinea pigs cannot be transported at more than 30 miles per hour and rabbits shouldn’t eat grass before six months of age. Those are just...
30 March 2016
Dogs Deserve A Holiday Too - Ten Dog Friendly Destinations
UK - Lots of families enjoy taking a staycation to see something new in their own country. Whether it’s visiting a piece of historical heritage or relaxing by the seaside, loading the family...
29 March 2016
Barn Air Quality Affects Horses' Breathing
US - Do dust, pollen, and hay trigger your hay fever? Imagine living where straw and hay are tossed around every day, and it won’t surprise you to learn that horses, too, can get breathing...
14 March 2016
US Animal Shelters Often Mislabel Dogs as 'Pit Bulls'
US - DNA results show that shelter workers are often mistaken when they label a dog as a pit bull, with potentially devastating consequences for the dogs, a new University of Florida study has...
25 January 2016
Cat Charity Urges Owners to Make Plans for Your Cat
UK - A Yorkshire-based charity has urged pet owners to make emergency plans for their cats as half its waiting list now features animals that have suddenly been left behind....
24 December 2015
Are You Considering Getting a Kitten or Cat for Christmas?
UK - If you are thinking of bringing a furry friend home this Christmas, have you considered whether or not you have time to care for a pet? Is your home suitable for a cat? Is anybody in your...
30 September 2015
Welfare Organisations Urge Improvement in US Dog Breeding Care
US - The Humane Society of the United States, The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and The Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association filed a legal petition with the...
29 September 2015
New Documentary Shows True Nature of Asia's Dog Meat Consumption
ASIA - “Eating Happiness” is the first call-to-action documentary exposing the true nature of dog meat consumption in Asia, produced by World Dog Alliance....
03 September 2015
Is Your Cat a Killer? - Some Downsides to Outdoor Cats
US - The National Audubon Society estimates that outdoor cats kill between 1 billion and 4 billion birds and other wild animals each year, and according to the American Bird Conservancy, cats...
21 August 2015
Your Cat Ate What?!
It is often assumed that only dogs eat anything and everything, however, when leading cat charity International Cat Care carried out a recent survey of vets, many of them had treated cats which...
07 August 2015
Choosing or Building the Perfect Dog Kennel
US - For many centuries dogs have been referred to as “man’s best friend”. Many of us consider our dogs a part of the family and would do anything to protect them. Whether your dog stays...
05 August 2015
Give Forever Homes to Rescue Animals with the New National Pet Rescue App
UK - The makers of a new free mobile app are appealing to UK animal lovers for help in saving the lives of more than 10,000 rescue animals....
22 July 2015
UK's Top 10 Dog-Friendly National Parks
UK - It is now easier to find the perfect holiday destination in the UK's National Parks for you and your dog. ...
16 July 2015
New App Connects Pet Owners with Vetted Pet Sitters
UK - Want to know you have left your pet in good hands while you are on holiday or at work? A new mobile app has recently been launched by to help pet owners find caring, vetted...
15 July 2015
Do You Really Understand What Your Rabbits Need?
UK - There is a big problem in the UK with the impulse buying of pets, especially when children pester their parents to buy them one. However, people should be putting more thought into the costs...
09 July 2015
Emma Milne Discusses New Pet Detective Book Series
UK - TV vet and author Emma Milne spoke to ThePetSite about why she has written her new book series 'Pet Detectives'....
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