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07 September 2016
UK Chief Veterinary Officer to Speak at 2016 OV Conference
UK - Nigel Gibbens, the UK’s Chief Veterinary Officer; Peter Jinman OBE, Chair of the RCVS Certification Subcommittee and Ian Wright, Head of ESCCAP UK & Guideline Director for ESCCAP Europe,...
02 September 2016
Benchmark Secures Innovative New Equine Vaccine
UK - Benchmark has entered into an agreement with Evax AG, a Swiss equine biotech company, to develop a recombinant vaccine to prevent and treat the most prevalent skin disease in horses, Sweet...
01 September 2016
Improve’s Dermatology and Endoscopy-EndoSurgery Programmes Achieve PgC Status
UK - Veterinary CPD provider Improve International has announced that two more of its small animal modular veterinary programmes have been validated by Harper Adams University under the partnership...
09 August 2016
New Study Offers Vets Clues on Why Dogs' Tails Lose their Wag
UK - A painful condition that affects dogs’ tails may be more common than previously thought, a study suggests....
22 July 2016
New Research Saving More Dogs from Deadly Snake Bites
AUSTRALIA - Australia is home to 10 of the most venomous snakes in the world and thousands of dogs are bitten each year in Australia....
21 July 2016
What's New in Equine Surgery?
AUSTRALIA - Veterinarians from Australia and New Zealand met in Melbourne this week to discover all the latest advances in equine surgery at the Equine Veterinarians Australia Bain Fallon Conference....
20 July 2016
Vet School Research Paves the Way for Improved Horse Welfare
UK - A vision for improving horse welfare has been set out following research carried out by the University of Bristol's School of Veterinary Sciences and funded by World Horse Welfare....
08 July 2016
Researchers Examine How Video Games Can Improve Bird Health
US - Playing video games has been a favorite pastime of young and old alike, and now the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVM) is investigating the benefits of...
06 July 2016
Palintest Helping London Zoo Keep its Aquatic Inhabitants Safe
UK - ZSL London Zoo has one of the largest collections of aquatic life in the UK, including some of the rarest species of fish and amphibians. This diversity creates unique water quality demands...
05 July 2016
Survey Shows 70% Dog Owners Avoid Going on Holiday
UK - It might be the holiday season, but almost 70 per cent of dog owners (68.5%) have avoided going on holiday because they can’t find someone to look after their dog, according to a survey...
29 June 2016
New Product Can Extend Pet Food Shelf Life
US - Two Clemson professors have won a national award for an innovative natural product they have created that can extend the shelf life of pet food....
21 June 2016
Better In or Out - What Could Tomorrow's Decision Mean for UK Agriculture, Animal Welfare?
UK - There has been a multitude of information and scare mongering from both sides of the EU referendum campaign. With the vote being held tomorrow (23 June 2016), here I will try to sum up the...
20 June 2016
New Research Shows Cats Seem to Grasp the Laws of Physics
JAPAN - Cats understand the principle of cause and effect as well as some elements of physics. Combining these abilities with their keen sense of hearing, they can predict where possible prey...
15 June 2016
First 360-degree Virtual Reality Video for Veterinary Education Developed
US - Simply putting on a virtual reality (VR) headset can transport someone into an immersive digital environment. This technology has been used for both entertainment and educational purposes,...
13 June 2016
New Veterinary Research Helps Distinguish Accidents from Abuse
US - A veterinarian sees a canine patient with severe rib and head injuries whose cause of injury is unknown. Without having witnessed the incident, how can the veterinary professional distinguish...
02 June 2016
New Online Learning from Improve Offers Flexible, Interactive CPD
GLOBAL - Veterinary CPD provider Improve International has launched a range of ‘bitesize’ online training courses for veterinary professionals wanting to gain the latest skills and knowledge...
17 May 2016
New Approach for Treating Corneal Ulcers in Animals
US - For all species, loss of vision can be very problematic, making normal life difficult. That is why Dr. Bianca da Costa Martins, a clinical professor of ophthalmology at the University of...
12 May 2016
Dog Genome Analysis Provide Insight into Human Disease
UK - An important model in studying human disease, the non-coding RNA of the canine genome is an essential starting point for evolutionary and biomedical studies -- according to a new study led...
11 May 2016
Horse Backs Reveal New Clues to the Evolution of Running
US - Modern horses are expert runners. They reach top speeds using a special running gait in which they hold their back stiff as they move. A new study reveals that tiny fossil ancestors of modern...
10 May 2016
New Study Finds Dogs Don't Like Hugs
CANADA - A recent study has told us that we should not hug our dogs because they will feel stressed....
09 May 2016
Improve International Wins a VMA Award
GLOBAL - Improve has recently been recently awarded a Veterinary Marketing Award (VMA) for its campaign to promote its Postgraduate Certificate (PgC) programmes in Small Animal Medicine and Small...
29 April 2016
New Consolidated Learning Postgraduate Certificate Programme from Improve
UK - Veterinary CPD provider Improve International has launched a Consolidated Learning programme to enable veterinary surgeons to gain the skills required for both a Postgraduate Certificate...
28 April 2016
Not all Acer Species Dangerous for Horses
NETHERLANDS - The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Utrecht University and RIKILT Wageningen UR carried out a joint study to determine the mortality rate of equine atypical myopathy....
26 April 2016
WAVMA's First Online Congress to Cover Sustainability in Aquatic Medicine
GLOBAL - The World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association (WAVMA) is set to host its first online Congress in 2016 with support from veterinary digital content supplier Vetstream. More than 300...
22 April 2016
Outstanding Achievement as Protexin Awarded Second Queen’s Award for Enterprise
UK - Probiotics International Ltd (Protexin) who manufacturer healthcare products for Veterinary, Equine, Human and Agricultural markets, has been awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for...
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